Please keep in mind that only Gauteng and Limpopo licence disks can be attended to at this time. 

When uploading a vehicle on the System ensure that you enter all the details correctly.

Vehicle Details:

  1. Licence Number
    1. The Vehicle Licence Number is the same number that is displayed on your Number Plate.
  2. Register Number
  3. Vehicle Make
    1. This is the Make of the Vehicle eg. Toyota, Ford, Hyundai, Tata, BMW, VW, Audi etc.
  4. Licence Expiry Date
    1. Remember that you have a 21 day grace period where you do not have to pay a fine for renewing the licence late. In this Example you would have time until the 21st of December 2017 to renew this vehicle's licence disk with no penalty fees.

Fill the details in as follows:

For more information on adding vehicle license details, please click here 

In case details were added incorrectly, you can disable the vehicle and then add the vehicle on the system again with the correct details. We require you to do it in this manner to minimize fraud opportunities. 

Disable Vehicle:

  1. Log in to the System with your login credentials
  2. Click on the 'Your Vehicles' menu item
  3. Select the Vehicle you would like to disable
  4. Click on the 'Disable Vehicle' button