Register on the system

Please fill in all details on the registration page:

Adding an ID document
Please add a copy of your ID document or allow us to retrieve your document from Home Affairs by clicking on the check box

Licence Renewal Process

Click on 'Add your vehicles'

Complete the addition of vehicles. For more information on how, please click here:

Remember to
1. Confirm that you are the legal owner of the vehicle.
If you are not the legal owner of the vehicle, please 
2. Fill in the details of the legal owner of the vehicle:

The legal owner of the vehicle will receive an email, prompting them to sign the mandate and attach their ID document.

If you are the legal owner of the vehicle you will be asked to sign the mandate:

  1. Please sign the Mandate Document form, which allows us to  renew your Vehicle's Licence
  2. Once signed you can click on the 'Sign Mandate Document' button and the Mandate Document will be generated and linked to the Vehicle Licence Renewal.

You can now logout, you are done! You will receive an invoice from us in 1 - 3 business days